Total Annihilation Theory

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It is with great sadness that we announce the end of our little Foundation. Our treasurer Connie Armstrong passed away in July after a brave battle with cancer. RIP. We just could not carry on with SLHF without her. SLH is now for sale.

On July 4, 2008 the Stockton-Lindquist House became the home of the Stockton-Lindquist House Foundation for Historic Preservation, Inc, a 501 (C)(4). The foundation is organized exclusively for religious, charitable, educational, and scientific purposes, including, for such purposes as the restoration and preservation in perpetuity of historic buildings and properties. Also to increase the sum of historic knowledge for the benefit of all mankind.

. Here are 4 of my copyrighted works from the book I am working on ... 


Ravings of an Eccentric Madd Woman by TAT
I hope you enjoy, Terryann

Never Love the Beast by TAT


A beast fiery breath so hot upon my neck.

I am thrilled by the terror.

Flames fall from his tongue as he whispers the lie of my name.

He burns and scars my body with his touch.

RUN my poor helpless mind screams out to my yielding Legs.

SPREAD THEM WIDE growled the beast as he licked and brought me death.


Now will I to hide alone and wait forever.


An Angel pulls me back into the world.

A Hero come to protect me from this dark unholy wanting..

His voice like music.

A Savior to dance me out of the dark.



Forgiving Me by TAT

My mind spins in a vortex of terror and rage.

 Storming across your soul and leaving it bleeding

 With loud Words sharp as an axe

 I hacked away at the hard won trust we'd made.

 My mind is spinning slowly now.

 Winding down into the sorrows hurting you will quickly bring.

 As you bled you quietly prayed and gave me peace.

 One So unkind unfit and undeserving.

 How could you forgive me?

 How can you love me?

 Grace and only Grace.


 Love in a Broken Cup by TAT

Our loving cup once overflowing with sweetness.

We raced to lay with the moon and caress the stars.

We tumbled into the suns warm embrace..

We closed our eyes in Ecstasy and did not watch our cup.

That evil serpent Shadow slithered past, our cup was toppled and broken.

Where has all the sweetness gone, spilled and lost.

Swallowed by the serpent Shadow.

All is lost.

What’s this?

One tiny shining drop remains, we can see what was and is and could be.

Let us mend this broken cup to hold the last hopeful drop of Love.





 In The Shadow of Natalee by TAT


 The serpent Shadow had lived for millennia

 Roaming the earth alone and unseen.

 Stealing the souls of men, defying GOD.

 Tempting the minds of man to do unspeakable evil.

 Shadow delighted in watching the fall of the Innocent.

 His goal, to corrupt the whole world.

 He slithered into her room.

 There he looked on as her tormentor entered her soul over and over.

 Her pain was exquisite.

 "Are you a dragon? Have you come to save me.?"

 Shadow recoiled as if he were struck by a sword.

 "Did you speak to me.? You can see me?"

 "Please help me" whispered her tears.

 He leaned in close to see her better

 She reached out and touched the scales on his hand.

 He collapsed under the weight of her knowing.

 His first mortal touch.

 It weakened him, left him confused, his mind betrayed him.

 He wanted her touch, he needed it.

 "Can you fly me away from here,? Please take me away."

 He was slain falling under her gaze.

 "Is that hope in your eyes? Do you not fear me.?

 OH my darling little one.. Lie still now."

 Summoning all his strength Shadow lifted the brutal thing that had defiled his prize.

 As it kicked and fought he flung it from the window where it fell to earth to be no more.

 She leaped from the bed and threw her arms around his scaly neck ,

 My name is Natalee

 Are you my dragon.? I'm going to love you forever.

 Up and up and up out over the lights of the city they flew.

 For the first time in 6 million years Shadow felt the winds of heaven under his wings.

 He cried.

 She used her dragon's tears like an immortal elixir.

 Their adventures continued though time and space even dimensions

 The power of Shadow's love for her grew stronger than any love ever known to the world of men.

 A power that did not ensnare her

 A power to redeem and bring salvation

 Would it be blasphemous to ride her dragon into Heaven ?

 To beg and plead for Jesus The Christ to come back and save our sick and dying world........

 Forever fighting the dark

 Our young heroine and her unlikely protector soring into the light.


 Shadow flew her to his lair

Nestled high in a cliff above the Valley of the Shadow of Death

They played there Happy and undisturbed for a number of years

He taught her Everything

He told her the story of his life, his life before

Before She brought the beat of his hardened heart to life.

He adores Her, She loves and commands Him.

She knows what a beast is.

Even a tamed beast can be a dangerous thing.

Each night when Natalee said her prayers He cried.

She always asked that her dragon be blessed.

His tears sustained her, She had no need of food.

Shadow grew weaker with each passing day

He Had been sustained by the power of evil, and pain.

Now he knew only Love

Shadow was dying.

Can't you sing?" ask Natalee

As she climbed into his lap

He smiled , as much as a dragon can smile

"No dragon has ever sang, Not ever"

Now he had taught her from a great library.

He had assembled it from the time when time began

Books he had coveted and taken before the fires of Alexandria

Papyrus Scrolls snatched from the giant tombs in Egypt

Ancient books stolen from beneath the churches of Rome.

She had studied them all.

"You will have to be the first dragon to sing".

"I have read that there are harmonies with spirit forces."

He lowered his head and whispered.

"I have heard these Celestial Melodies

In the long long ago.

Before the rebellion in heaven,

when all the dragons fell to earth."

He knew that forever will music remain the universal language

Heard by men and angels and spirits alike.

"It’s a remedy." she cried "won't you try?"

"Do you want to die and be parted from me?"

"Would you leave me alone without trying, just ONCE for me"?

Before she heard the sound she felt the tremble.

From deep inside him it began to rise.

Something within.. a hum, a whisper, a chant, the breath of a sigh.

He laid back his head.

He sang out in long slow rhythms.

Grace translated to sound.

Natalee was enthralled by the magnificent strains of his melodies. She clung to him as they began to ascend. They had not flown for such a long time. They raced across the valley, He felt the spirit of Mercy in his creature heart. He was renewed, transformed by an indwelling Holy Influence. Done with the power of one single prayer, sung by a dragon to his child. Once again he felt the winds of heaven, This time the winds called to him . Pulling him toward currents that would swept him away. Trying to take them to where the Father dwells In the secret places of the universe.

.......To be continued


Executive Secretary . Our past executive dir. Luis Madrigal who after 3 years, completing the daunting task of paper work in becoming a not for profit inc. He has completed his college degree for legal studies.Graduating with Honors. He was born in the primitive village of Zincacamitlan Mexico in 1983. The population consisted of eighty people. In the village, women hand washed clothes on the rocks at the river’s edge. Families cooked their meals on wood burning fire. Shamans practiced spiritual healing as one of the medicine arts. Villagers spoke in the ancient tongue of the Aztec people. He moved to the U.S. in 1989 to the small town of Umatilla Florida. He is gathering information on all the religion's of the world for the book Shadow of Natalee with TAT